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Rapidly Detect & Respond to Validated Incidents Across Your IT Assets and Networks

Managed Detection & Response (MDR) Services

Overwhelmed by complex alerts? Speed up threat detection and response with Rhyno Cybersecurity's MDR service. Boost your defenses, without adding complexity. Embrace fast, streamlined cybersecurity.

MDR services include:

  • 24x7 security monitoring
  • Incident handling
  • Tailored threat intelligence
  • Remote/on-site incident response
  • Multi-layered threat hunting
  • Continuous CyberSecOps
  • Real-time collaboration

Reduce the time to detect & respond to validated cyber threats. Talk to an expert today.

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What Our Clients Say

"Rhyno provided our company with security services. The key to SPN's decision to work with them was their dedication to understanding our systems and providing the solutions that best fit our requirements. Rhyno was very responsive and completed the work in budget and in a timely manner"

- Pierre Nader

"Rhyno is a local business that actually cares for its clients. Staff/Security Experts are extremely knowledgeable and tailor to your business needs. They provided our company with flexible times and met all our requirements/deadlines while exceeding expectations. Our business couldn't be happier with this service and will continue to use them to ensure our company and its applications remain secured."

- Krystian Kuzyk

"Great people to work with, made it clear to what they were doing when performing the project, very patient with me as I'm not very technical so very much appreciated."

- Randy Nordgren

"Great firm and very happy we outsourced our IT security to Rhyno. They are very responsive to inquiries and constantly monitoring our team to ensure full compliance of best practices."

- Sean Freedman

Explore how we've helped other manufacturers strengthen their cybersecurity posture and streamline operations.

20 Min

Response Time

Our MDR guarantees a 20-Minute response time on critical and high-severity incidents so you can maintain your operations safe and secure.


Advanced Automation

RhynoGUARD MDR platform can automate up to 95% of your L1+L2 activities. From alert monitoring and enrichment to triage, investigation, and issue containment.


Attack Reduction

Businesses that use MDR services are 60% less likely to experience a successful cyber attack. Our dedicated team and robust system work tirelessly, significantly reducing the odds of cyber breaches.

5 Mil

Analyzed Alerts

Our MDR system sifts through an average of 5 million alerts per week. With Rhyno, you can be confident that no alert goes unnoticed, and every potential risk is scrutinized with the utmost attention and precision.

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