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Our vulnerability scans deliver accurate insights on the cybersecurity posture of web applications and networks. Our reports are concise and easy to read and include sound recommendations.


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About Our Cybersecurity Services

Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking Services

Rhyno's Penetration Testing or Ethical Hacking services helps you assess and discover vulnerabilities in your websites, web applications, and network infrastructure systems by identifying and exploiting weaknesses.

We profile your organization from the perspective of its most likely threats, examine your business processes, information flows, and the technology that supports your operations. This allows us to determine the resilience of your environment to malicious attempts to penetrate your systems.

As part of our cyber security services, our penetration testing reports provide a wealth of insights with accurate and detailed Proof of Concepts (PoC) for both executives and your technical staff.

Managed Detection and Response

Managed Detection and Response, by Rhyno Cyber Security Services, provides real-time monitoring, detection, and prevention for your entire IT infrastructure and network. Our RhynoGUARD Network Server Appliance collects information from all the devices inside and outside the network. This, in turn, helps monitor your IT assets, triage warnings and act quickly to cybersecurity events.

We identify any anomalies within the network and compare usage across all your systems to determine if a user or application has gone rogue or you are being “hacked”. Our specialists then act quickly to stop and contain suspicious events.

Secure Enterprise Cloud Hosting Solutions

Rhyno's main priority is your growing business. By hosting a variety of websites including WordPress, Drupal and custom accounting, financial, and SaaS applications, Rhyno provides professional hosting service to industries with the edge to work remotely, while removing the need for onsite servers and IT staff.

We significantly reduce costs while improving server and website speed, performance and security for our client's diverse digital assets.

All applications hosted on our platform are easily deployed, allowing you to simply add or remove applications according to your evolving business requirements.

Cyber Security Services

When vulnerabilities and risks have been identified on your websites or network, our services can increase your protection and position your organization for a more secure future. Identifying vulnerabilities is important but closing the security gap fast and efficiently is a vital step toward enhancing security.

Our cyber security services mitigation and remediation services fit perfectly where there is a lack of staff or the expertise to implement your patching and remediation on web applications, networks, and IT infrastructure. Our consultants can remediate your system vulnerabilities for you, following vulnerability assessments and penetration tests.