As security teams evaluate what partners will make the biggest positive impact on their security program, it’s important to understand these differences. Many organizations that have had bad experiences with MSSPs in the past will find that MDR can help them fill gaps within their internal capabilities.

Not all security services are created equal. In fact, RhynoGUARD™ MDR was created to be different.

MDR vs MSSP Services at a Glance

One of the biggest benefits of MDR is peace of mind. Knowing there's reliable assistance from an advanced security team. While MSSPs typically offer limited technical support staffed by junior IT analysts and engineers, MDRs dedicated incident handlers and detection engineers have deep expertise in security engineering, analysis, and incident response.

Difference in Technology

Most MSSPs provide services that can be described as security technology management, such as security event monitoring, basic threat detection, and alerting services. Rather than being a comprehensive aid to the security team, an MSSP is able to take on individual and cherry-picked aspects of security monitoring and management at the organization’s discretion.

As such, an MDR approach is fundamentally different from that of MSSPs in that it allows access to extremely sophisticated detection and response technologies and expertise. With MDR, an organization can access a different grade of technology – and trust that it is being used to its full potential to monitor, detect and respond to threats by the industry professionals who understand it best.

Difference in Expertise

The level of expertise provided by an MSSP differs from that of an MDR service. Again, the size of the organization and the sophistication of the internal SOC will determine what solution is best, with the choice being between a more reactive or proactive approach.

MSSPs typically offer less human security analyst support and often rely on Tier 1 SOC analysts due to the focus on perimeter protection and a more passive approach to detection. In comparison, an MDR service provides an entire team of experienced security professionals, forensic analysts, incident responders, and threat hunters to proactively monitor and take action to maintain a secure network.

Difference in Relationships

While an MSSP will often simply forward alerts to a member of their client’s IT team – who then must try to determine if there is a real threat and how they should respond – an MDR team reports only verified information for action and even takes the action to remediate the situation if the partner tells them to do so. Rather than acting as a relief by situationally providing the bare necessities of an endpoint and network security infrastructure, an MDR team can form a partnership with the organization and become an extension or augmentation of the in-house security team.

By advising on remediation processes and issues, such as firewall blocks and DNS, having an outsourced team on hand 24 hours a day ultimately helps the organization evolve its security posture to keep up with the changing threat landscape, as well as maintain an agile and effective security posture to successfully deal with both the threats of today and tomorrow.


Working as an extension of your team, Rhyno delivers advanced solutions for Managed Detection and Response and security assessment. By leveraging our understanding of the tactics attackers use to breach defenses, in-depth knowledge of the latest security tools, and a commitment to innovation, we ensure our clients are armed to continuously prevent, detect and respond to cyber threats.

Fully turnkey

An MDR service supplies the tools needed to detect and respond to threats as well as the people to deploy, configure and monitor them.

Proactive threat detection

An MDR service leverages the best security telemetry and intelligence to expand threat coverage and hunt for threats before they are capable of causing damage and disruption.

The latest technology

MDR uses best of breed network and endpoint monitoring technologies to provide extensive threat visibility across on-premises and cloud environments plus identify known and unknown threats.

Thorough alert investigation

All security alerts generated by the service’s underlying technology stack are meticulously analyzed to verify that they are genuine – low-value alerts don’t get passed ‘over the wall’.

Integrated incident response

MDR supplies actionable mitigation guidance and the support to automatically contain and disrupt threats whenever they occur.

Swift service deployment

MDR services are deployed in weeks rather than months, significantly reducing time to value.

Reasons to choose RhynoGUARD™ MDR

Unlike security monitoring services offered by legacy MSSPs, RhynoGUARD™ MDR doesn’t wait for attacks to happen.

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