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About Rhyno Cybersecurity

Rhyno is a leading provider of cybersecurity technology solutions servicing Canada and the United States with a strong industry background in Penetration Testing, Managed Detection and Response, Secure Enterprise Cloud and Managed Cybersecurity.
We pride ourselves in remaining at the forefront of IT and security technology through technology and a professional Cybersecurity Services Team who is available 24×7x365.
Knowing when your organization is under cyber attack is vital to help prevent reputational and financial damage. Mitigate your company’s cybersecurity risk to Rhyno's infrastructure. We deliver tailor-made services to suit every client’s specific needs.
With our professional cybersecurity solutions, you can focus on your company’s daily operations without the need to divert valuable time and effort to mitigating cyber risks.

Our Approach

Rhyno cybersecurity solutions are specifically designed to help you:

Our approach is to bring you the best options to secure your organization and its data, leveraging globally leading cybersecurity, products, methodologies, and an in-depth understanding of critical infrastructures.