Top 5 Signs Your Organization Needs a Penetration Test

Discover the tell-tale indications that your organization is at substantial risk

Friday, March 26, 2021 - 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST (RESCHEDULED)


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    About this webinar

    Your spidey senses are tingling or you’ve seen something suspicious that makes you question your cybersecurity. Many businesses believe they aren't targets for cybercriminals. Yet, attacks and data breaches can have serious consequences on productivity, lost revenues, possible fines, customer churn, and damage to brand reputation.

    Join Andrew Summerton, CEO, and Dan Duran, CTO, as they delve into diagnosing potential risks before something serious happens. Learn practical actions you can take to identify, assess and remediate threats and vulnerabilities.

    Main topics include:

    • Something is off!
    • Let's talk tech
    • The human factor
    • Insider threats
    • The good ol' policies and secure controls
    • Pentest and Beyond
    • Q&A session and expert advice with Rhyno Cybersecurity


    Andrew Summerton

    Chief Executive Officer
    Rhyno Cybersecurity

    Dan Duran

    Chief Technology Officer
    Rhyno Cybersecurity


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