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Cyber Security Awareness Training

Custom Corporate Cybersecurity Training

Training programs aimed at enhancing an organization's cyber defense

Rhyno provides custom virtual and on-site training aimed at boosting your organization's resilience. Our approach involves ongoing learning and practical exercises. Our programs are designed to be interactive, combining customized workshops, engaging tabletop exercises, and real-world technical scenarios. This helps your team effectively counter and manage new cybersecurity challenges.

Our services include

Interactive and Experiential Training

Engaging, practical training that involves both mental and physical participation.

Customizable Content

Our training is tailored to meet the unique requirements of your organization and industry.

Inclusive Approach

We provide specialized training suitable for employees at all levels.

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Ransomware Training

Rhyno provides an array of workshops, materials, and experiences aimed at enhancing your team's understanding of ransomware and refining their skills in incident response. This will enable you to safeguard your organization's data, assets, and relationships more effectively.

Ransomware Awareness Program for Business Leaders

Role-Specific Ransomware Training Workshops aimed at educating managers and executives about ransomware threats and how to address them within the organization. Tailored for organizational leaders, these workshops detail essential measures for preventing social engineering and ransomware attacks, as well as enhancing overall cybersecurity and incident response strategies.

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cyber security

Ransomware Workshops

Our workshops provide a dynamic, tailored ransomware simulation, offering your teams a chance to improve their skills in detecting and responding to incidents. In this intensive half-day session, participants will navigate a state-of-the-art cybersecurity simulation.

Ransomware Workshop for Individual Learners

This workshop is designed for IT and cybersecurity experts aiming to refine their expertise in ransomware and incident response. Conducted via the Cyber Range, it provides a practical, engaging experience with an ultra-realistic cyberattack scenario.

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About Rhyno Custom Training

Companies in various industries require specialized skills and understanding of the evolving digital threat environment, as well as the capabilities to address cyber incidents. These skills are crucial for managing the broader implications on company reputation, data security, legal responsibilities, and supply chains.

Rhyno offers services to enhance cyber skills throughout your company, fostering a culture of digital security and resilience. Our training workshops emphasize strategic planning, decision-making, and proactive measures.

We provide workshops tailored to both technical and non-technical aspects, suitable for diverse roles within your organization. These interactive, discussion-led training sessions are conducted by skilled Catalyst facilitators. You have the option to choose from a range of pre-designed sessions, including:

  • Handling Cyber Risks and Incidents
  • Cybersecurity Strategies for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
  • Building a Cybersecurity Team
  • Understanding the Cybersecurity Landscape in Canada
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These customized training sessions will equip your team to:

  • Evaluate your incident response capabilities and resources.
  • Recognize key threats and risks from social engineering and ransomware.
  • Develop strategies for implementing top cybersecurity practices.
  • Assess your organization's current preventive and preparatory measures.

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