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In a red team/blue/purple team cybersecurity exercise, the red team, composed of offensive security experts, simulates attacks on an organization's cyber defenses. Conversely, the blue team is tasked with defending against and neutralizing these simulated attacks, whereas the purple team does both functions.

Red team/blue team exercises are crucial in safeguarding organizations against a variety of sophisticated cyberattacks. Our services ahelp organizations:

  • Uncover vulnerabilities in people, technologies, and systems.
  • Identify ways to enhance defensive incident response strategies throughout all stages of the kill chain.
  • Gain direct experience in detecting and mitigating targeted attacks.
  • Develop strategies for response and recovery to restore normal operations post-attack.

What does red teaming entail, and why is it a valuable addition to your security team's toolkit?

Red teaming involves methodically and ethically simulating real-world attack techniques to expose vulnerabilities in an organization's security defenses. This adversarial strategy tests the organization's security not just on the theoretical potential of its tools and systems, but on their actual effectiveness against genuine threats. Red teaming is essential for accurately evaluating a company's capabilities and maturity in terms of prevention, detection, and response to cyber threats.

What is a Blue Team?

If the red team takes on the role of attackers, the blue team assumes the defensive position. Typically composed of incident response experts, the blue team offers guidance to the IT security team on enhancing defenses against advanced cyberattacks and threats. It is the IT security team's responsibility to safeguard the internal network from various risks.

While many organizations prioritize prevention as a security standard, detection and response are equally vital for overall defense capabilities. An essential metric is the "breakout time," the critical period between an intruder compromising the initial machine and their ability to move laterally within the network

If the red team takes on the role of attackers, the blue team assumes the defensive position. Typically composed of incident response experts, the blue team offers guidance to the IT security team on enhancing defenses against advanced cyberattacks and threats. It is the IT security team's responsibility to safeguard the internal network from various risks.

About Purple Teams

A Purple Team is a collaborative approach in cybersecurity that combines elements of both red teaming and blue teaming. In a purple team exercise, the red team (attackers) works closely with the blue team (defenders) to simulate and assess specific attack scenarios and security controls. The goal is to enhance the organization's overall security posture by improving detection, response, and mitigation capabilities.

Unlike traditional red teaming, where the red team operates independently to simulate attacks, and blue teaming, where the focus is on defense, purple teaming emphasizes cooperation and knowledge sharing between the two teams. Rhyno's collaborative approach allows organizations to identify weaknesses, validate the effectiveness of security measures, and bridge the gap between offensive and defensive security practices. Ultimately, purple teaming helps organizations better prepare for and respond to real-world cyber threats.

Why use Rhyno's Red, Blue, and Purple Teams

Leveraging red, blue, and purple teams in cybersecurity offers a comprehensive, proactive, and collaborative approach that goes beyond routine vulnerability scanning and testing. This approach empowers organizations to safeguard their assets and respond swiftly to security incidents with greater effectiveness. Here are six key benefits of employing these teams:

Enhanced Security Posture

By harnessing the collective efforts of all three teams, an organization can thoroughly assess and refine existing cybersecurity and incident response plans, addressing all aspects of cybersecurity, including prevention, detection, and response.

Closure of Attack Paths

Red team's offensive tactics can uncover overlooked or neglected vulnerabilities and gaps in an organization's security controls, enabling prompt mitigation.

Efficient Incident Response

Purple team's coordination between blue and red teams enhances an organization's ability to respond promptly and efficiently to cyberattacks.

Improved Threat Intelligence

Red team methodologies provide practical experience to IT and security teams, preparing them to counter new and emerging threats and fortify the organization's defenses.

Regulatory Compliance

Utilizing these teams helps organizations meet penetration testing requirements mandated by regulations and standards like the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology Framework (NIST).

Enhanced Risk Management

Risk assessments enable organizations to prioritize devices or systems for patching and protection. Successful red team attacks identify previously overlooked risks, reassess mis-prioritized security concerns, and uncover ineffective controls, facilitating more effective security risk management.

How Rhyno Cybersecurity Services Can Benefit Organizations

Cyber adversaries are continually evolving their tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), potentially allowing breaches to remain undetected for extended periods. Simultaneously, organizations may struggle to identify sophisticated attacks due to ineffective security controls and vulnerabilities in their cybersecurity defenses. Security teams must ensure their readiness for targeted attacks, as the ability to defend against one type of attack does not necessarily equate to readiness for more advanced threats.

The Rhyno Adversary Emulation Exercise is strategically designed to provide organizations with the experience of facing a sophisticated targeted attack, executed by real-world threat actors. Importantly, this simulation does not entail the actual damage or costs associated with a genuine breach. The Rhyno Services team leverages authentic threat actor TTPs drawn from intelligence gathered by Rhyno experts actively responding to incidents and through our RhynoGUARD Managed Detection & Response platform, which analyzes trillions of events and millions of indicators weekly.

Rhyno's Services tailors a targeted attack campaign specifically for your organization, focusing on users of interest, mirroring the approach of a genuine adversary. The team adopts an objective and goal-oriented strategy, concentrating on demonstrating access to critical information within your organization. This exercise serves the purpose of showcasing the potential impact of a breach to your leadership, all without the necessity of enduring a real-world breach. Ultimately, this exercise aids in answering the critical question, "Are we adequately prepared for a targeted attack?"

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