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Emergency Response & Forensics

Fast Remediation and Containment

Rhyno is on standby, prepared to quickly address and reduce the effects of security incidents

Our Emergency Response services focus on quickly identifying, isolating, and neutralizing threats to minimize damage and prevent further unauthorized access or data leakage.

In the critical realm of cybersecurity, speed is paramount following a breach. Rhyno is your dedicated partner, poised to counteract and efficiently manage security incidents with agility and expertise. Our incident response squads bring unmatched skill sets from technical, legal, and human resources areas, offering an all-encompassing and swift reaction to any security breach. Whether dealing with politically charged attacks, data ransom demands, or insider threats, our experience in dealing with various cyber challenges is both precise and prompt.

Ransomware Investigation

Rhyno Cybersecurity's Ransomware Investigation service delves deep into the anatomy of the attack, tracing the vectors and tactics used by cybercriminals to infiltrate your network. Our experts meticulously analyze the ransomware strain, identify the breach points, and uncover the extent of the compromise, providing the critical intelligence needed for effective containment and recovery.

Ransomware Recovery, Remediation & Restoration

Following a ransomware attack, our Ransomware Recovery, Remediation & Restoration service offers a comprehensive approach to regain control of your digital assets. We focus on safely recovering encrypted data, eradicating malicious payloads, repairing affected systems, and reinforcing security measures to restore operations quickly and prevent future incidents.

Extortion Negotiation & Settlement

Rhyno Cybersecurity's Extortion Negotiation & Settlement service navigates the complex dynamics of cyber extortion. Our skilled negotiators engage with attackers to secure the best possible outcome, aiming to reduce demands and facilitate the safe recovery of compromised data, all while maintaining legal compliance and operational integrity.

Business Email Compromise

Our Business Email Compromise (BEC) solution addresses the growing threat of sophisticated email fraud schemes. By investigating unauthorized access and intercepting fraudulent transactions, we help protect your organization's financial assets and sensitive information from being exploited, ensuring the security of your communication channels.

Cloud Investigation

The Cloud Investigation service by Rhyno Cybersecurity addresses the unique challenges of cloud environments, tracing unauthorized access, data breaches, and configuration vulnerabilities. Our cloud-savvy forensic experts provide insights and solutions to secure your cloud assets against evolving cyber threats.

Web Application Attack

Our Web Application Attack service focuses on identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities exploited by attackers. From SQL injection to cross-site scripting, we examine the breach mechanics, patch security holes, and enhance web application defenses, safeguarding your online presence against malicious activities.

APT & Nation State Attack

Facing Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) and Nation-State Attacks demands unparalleled vigilance and expertise. Rhyno Cybersecurity’s dedicated service counters these highly sophisticated threats by uncovering their operations, disrupting their tactics, and fortifying your defenses against state-sponsored cyber espionage and sabotage campaigns.

Choose Rhyno as your frontline safeguard, executing prompt and determined measures to uphold your enterprise's security and quickly reestablish safety.

Immediate and Informed Response

Rhyno's incident response units are on standby to take immediate and informed action upon any breach within your organization. Our wide-ranging proficiency in technical, legal, and HR fields ensures a prompt and efficient resolution to all security dilemmas.

Battle-Tested Prowess

Our track record includes successfully mitigating a variety of cyber threats, from politically driven onslaughts to blackmail via data theft and threats from within.

Fast Remediation

Our goal is to swiftly patch security gaps, remove malicious software, and ensure that compromised systems are cleaned and restored to their secure state. Our process involves the following steps:

  • Immediate Assessment: Quickly understanding the scope and impact of the breach.

  • Identification of the Threat: Pinpointing the exact nature of the malware, exploit, or vulnerability used in the attack.

  • Containment: Limiting the spread of the threat to other systems or networks.

  • Eradication: Removing the threat from all affected systems.

  • Recovery: Restoring systems and data to their pre-breach state, ensuring they are no longer vulnerable to the same attack.

  • Post-Action Analysis: Analyzing the incident to improve future security posture and response strategies.

Containment Services

Fast remediation and containment are not just about quick fixes but also about strategically responding to incidents to ensure a robust and resilient security posture. They require a well-prepared incident response plan, which includes predefined processes, skilled response teams, and the right tools and technologies to detect, analyze, and neutralize threats efficiently. Our containment services include:

  • Segmentation: Isolating affected parts of the network to prevent the spread of the threat.

  • Disabling Affected Accounts: Temporarily deactivating compromised user accounts or changing credentials.

  • Traffic Filtering: Blocking malicious IP addresses or domains to stop the flow of attack traffic.

  • Applying Security Patches: Quickly patching vulnerabilities to prevent their exploitation.

Key Areas

At Rhyno, our proficiency lies in the immediate handling of security events, adopting a forward-thinking approach to Contain, Investigate, Negotiate, and Restore operations efficiently. Our strategy includes the use of advanced response technologies for quick containment and elimination, detailed forensic investigations to understand the incident, and precise recovery measures to limit operational downtime.

  • Incident Response Coordination: Streamlined response actions for swift containment and oversight.

  • Detailed Investigations: In-depth forensic exploration to identify causes and consequences, leaving no aspect unexplored.

  • Team Collaboration: Working in tandem with your organization and advisors to offer practical solutions and preventive measures.

Core Operations

  • Targeted Strategy: Implementing a focused and effective plan of action for optimal results.

  • Intelligence on Threats: Utilizing sophisticated methods to promptly identify, assess, and counteract security risks.

  • Comprehensive Reporting: Providing extensive analyses and clear, actionable guidance following an incident.

  • Worldwide Collaboration: Engaging with both local and global response units for swift and unified responses.

Containment and Eradication

  • Rapid Activation: Our response team quickly implements containment and removal strategies, leveraging constant availability, vast expertise, and thorough record-keeping to facilitate efficient data recovery.

  • Ongoing Surveillance: Continuous monitoring to maintain threat deterrence.

  • Immediate Threat Removal: Quick identification and removal of existing threats.


  • Extensive Forensic Evaluation: Deep analysis to reveal the extent and impact of the breach.

  • Continuous Communication: Sharing updates promptly for effective decision-making.

  • Insightful Summaries: Direct and useful reporting to expedite recovery measures.

Negotiation and Restoration

  • Negotiation Process: Conducting secure negotiations in ransomware situations with a focus on clarity, evaluating risks and outcomes, and guaranteeing 24/7 availability.

  • Service Restoration: Quickly reinstating essential services to reduce business interruptions.

  • Backup Verification: Thorough checks to confirm the readiness and integrity of backups.

  • Resilient Recovery: Securely reactivating critical infrastructure and enhancing defensive measures.

Rhyno stands ready to promptly tackle and lessen the consequences of any security breach. Don't wait, move forward now.

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