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Independent support and guidance to enhance your organization's cybersecurity

Access strategic security advice whenever you need it.

In today's world, where there's a global shortage of talent, finding a security expert with the necessary knowledge and leadership skills to develop and implement a successful information security strategy for your business can be challenging.

Rhyno's Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) service addresses this issue by providing your organization with access to a highly qualified and experienced security professional on demand. Acting as an extension of your business, a Rhyno Virtual CISO will evaluate potential cyber risks and formulate the policies, procedures, and controls required to enhance your security to meet compliance standards.

When a vCISO is needed?

Guidance from a vCISO can be invaluable in the following scenarios:

  • Planning security audits, assessments, and reviews
  • Developing a threat management strategy
  • Ensuring compliance with the latest security standards
  • Acquiring new security products and services
  • Hiring and training IT and security personnel
  • Responding to and remediating security incidents

Why use Rhyno’s Virtual CISO service?

Choosing a Virtual CISO from Rhyno provides you with access to an independent expert who has experience handling information security challenges across various industries. A Rhyno vCISO can offer regular advice, support specific projects, or assist during critical times like a business merger or acquisition.

Advantages of Our Virtual CISO Service:

  • Independent Advice: Receive objective insights and advice to establish your organization's cybersecurity goals and budget.
  • Measuring Security Effectiveness: Understand the effectiveness of current security controls and procedures and get assistance in communicating risks to key stakeholders.
  • Informing Strategic Improvements: Obtain the knowledge necessary to identify and implement the most beneficial security enhancements for your organization.
  • Supporting Regulatory Compliance: Gain a better understanding of the latest data and information security standards, how they apply to your business, and the controls required to ensure compliance.

vCISO Services

In today's competitive job market, finding an experienced and well-qualified CISO can be challenging, time-consuming, and expensive. If you need a CISO now, consider Rhyno's Virtual CISO Advisory Services as an effective solution.


Rhyno's vCISO evaluates your organization's culture, processes, and technologies from a security governance perspective, developing prioritized actions to effectively manage your information security strategy and program. Assessments may include interviews with stakeholders across technical, business, and executive teams, as well as document reviews, and robust evaluations of areas such as information asset management, acceptable use policies, data classification, threat and vulnerability management, and third-party management.


Based on assessment findings, Rhyno's vCISO can provide various levels of ongoing support, including developing policies and procedures to address documentation gaps, creating a remediation plan with prioritized recommendations, implementing the remediation plan, and offering ongoing strategic guidance to help the organization maintain long-term goals.


Security awareness is crucial for a robust program. Your vCISO can recommend and help implement training for all levels of your organization, ranging from highly technical topics like secure coding practices to general data handling education and combating business email compromise. They can also oversee controlled phishing campaigns conducted by Rhyno to assess employee security awareness.

IT Environment Security Design

For organizations building from scratch, Rhyno's vCISO can provide system hardening configuration guides and network designs, including multiple security protections and incident monitoring controls.

Experience, Expertise, Leadership

Rhyno's vCISO Advisory Services draw on the experience of former CISOs from various industries, offering a valuable blend of technical, executive, and organizational experience. They are supported by a global, multidisciplinary team, including former law enforcement agents, IT and security executives, digital forensic scientists, intelligence analysts, and regulatory specialists. This team can help fast-track the maturity of your information security program.

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