Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

Governance, Risk, and Compliance are essential for organizational growth. We deliver an integrated approach to adopt the industry gold standards.

Find the gaps and get compliant fast.

We tailor our service to your needs to give you a unique approach for your business. In doing so, we account for your operating context, compliance obligations, and current information strategy – we become your security partner.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Cyber-Security Framework (NIST CSF) provides organizations with a structured framework for identifying and mitigating cyber-security threats.

NIST CSF provides a common platform for all IT operations in the mitigation of risks. We provide you with a prevention-first approach and effective monitoring of data security across networks, Cloud, and endpoints to identify and reduce overall security risks. There are other security frameworks in the IT industry but so far the NIST CSF is the most efficient and nationally recognized cyber-security program.

How we help

At Rhyno, we help your company align with the requirements of NIST CSF compliance. We ensure that your company is capable of identifying serious cyber threats and minimize total risk in order to be fully compliant with NIST CSF requirements.

We’ll also ensure that your IT team is equipped with the right tools and knowledge to identify potential cyber threats and minimize or eliminate risks to become fully compliant to the NIST CSF requirements.


  • Use a mature, professional and well-structured security framework
  • Manage cybersecurity risks with a systematic methodology
  • Customizable framework that meets your unique security needs
  • Leverage on our NIST CSF experts’ knowledge and skills
  • Cost-effective risk-based approach to prioritizing the security

Does NIST CSF only apply to the IT department?

This framework provides security guidance for all areas of your organization including the IT department. To realize the full benefits of NIST CSF, make sure it is not just adopted by the IT team but by the entire staff.

ISO 27001 certification demonstrates that you have identified the risks, assessed the implications, and put in place systemized controls to limit any damage to your organization.

ISO/IEC 27001 was published collaboratively by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) with the intent to help organizations mitigate the risk of privacy and data breaches. Information security breaches may result in the loss of millions, even billions of private organizational records and sensitive customer data. Companies are under intense global pressure to demonstrate they are effectively and competently safeguarding against data breaches.

Companies worldwide have responded to the pressures by implementing ISO/IEC 27001, the only auditable international standard that defines the requirements of an information security management system. It is a documented set of policies, procedures, processes, and systems that manages the risks of data loss from cyber-attacks, hacks, data leaks, or theft.

How we help

Rhyno helps you achieve ISO/IEC 27001 certification smoothly and efficiently. Our consultants provide a gap analysis of your companies current state & provide the following services:

  • Develop ISMS framework roadmap to ISO 27001 certification
  • Develop compliant ISMS processes, procedures, policy’s and controls
  • Risk Management
  • Training & Implementation
  • Registrar Audit recommendations

Our Process

Rhyno educates companies seeking IT Service/Security Management steps to compliance. We identify current relative processes and procedures and perform a gap analysis to understand your current state. We work with designated team members in providing educational training approach to be taken for buy-in throughout the company employees. We coordinate with the in filling the gaps in creating documentation & update roadmap with designated representatives onsite consultation.

Discovery -Evaluate current ISO 20000 ISO 27001 processes, systems onsite or online.

Gap Analysis – Provide results of gap analysis based upon ISMS requirements and discuss the plan with management how they would like to customize the business vision and goals into ISO 20000 ISO 27001 IT Management System.

Implementation/Training – Provide training & implementation of quality management system with staff of company and provide onsite and online training.

Internal Audit – Provide internal audit training for designated employees, also a mock-audit for preparation with staff for Registrar Audit

Cost-Effective Solution To Ensure That Your Company Is PCI-DSS Compliant

We help businesses achieve full PCI compliance certification. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance ensures that businesses that conduct credit card transactions have measures in place to protect their customers from card theft and incidences of fraud. If you run a business that accepts, transmits, or stores customer card data, then you must have PCI DSS compliance validation from major card brands such as Visa, Discover, American Express, and MasterCard.

PCI DSS compliance is managed and administered by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) which was launched in 2006. The compliance applies to all companies and organizations that handle cardholder data, notwithstanding the number of times the customer conducts a financial transaction using the data. It is important for both small and large businesses to have PCI compliance to avoid penalties.

How we help

We help businesses develop PCI DSS compliant payment solutions to not only avoid penalties but to increase customer trust and confidence as well. Our PCI compliance experts will work with your IT team to implement the required policies by identifying cardholder information risks and providing you with expert guidance to avert the risks.


  • We help you to achieve PCI DSS compliance certification
  • Reduce security breaches and protect your customers from losses
  • Get peace of mind and increase customer confidence
  • Avoid the high costs of data breaches
  • Avoid hefty fines charged by regulatory bodies for non-compliance
  • Improve the reputation of your brand, organization, or business
  • Creates a baseline for complying with other regulations

Who is this service for?

This service is for any business or organization that handles payment via credit and debit cards. It is designed for just about every business and organization today including SMEs, financial institutions, software and hardware developers, online and offline retailers, manufacturers and point-of-sale retailers in any industry.

Our all-in-one HIPAA Security Service is the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to HIPAA compliance.

HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, sets national protection standards for sensitive patient data, including medical records and other personal health information. This includes any patient data created, received, and maintained by medical providers and professionals. To be considered HIPAA compliant, businesses must have physical, technical, and network security measures in place and ensure that these measures are followed at all times.

Our HIPAA certified consultants and web development team uphold the highest security standards and operate in strict compliance with the HIPAA Privacy Rule’s standards for accessing protected health information and the HIPAA Security Rule’s detailed technical safeguard requirements for protecting sensitive data.

Physical Security

Includes enforcing limited access and control of electronically protected health information, with authorized access in place.

Technical Security

Includes enforcing access control to ensure only authorized access to electronically protected health information.

Network Security

Includes securing all methods of transmitting data, and is required to prevent unauthorized access to electronically protected health information.

Our Process

HIPAA Assessment

Rhyno is an experienced HIPAA assessment provider. We’ll perform an on-site analysis of current policies and procedures and assess how they align with HIPAA best practices.

Align your IT Resources with the HIPAA “Security Rule”

The HIPAA Security Rule most thoroughly guides the Healthcare provider’s IT requirements. Rhyno identifies each required and addressable safeguard and provides easy to deploy, technical solutions that move our clients into a mature HIPAA position.


Rhyno’s Healthcare Clients see their HIPAA Security Rule progress charted and audited. Our clients receive quarterly IT Service reviews, in which their HIPAA alignment is presented.

The CyberSecure Canada certification gives certified businesses official recognition by the federal government for demonstrating their compliance to the baseline security controls.

The Baseline Cyber Security Controls for Small and Medium Organizations are recommendations for improving resiliency via cybersecurity investments. Developed by the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security, this baseline attempts to apply the 80/20 rule (achieve 80% of the benefit from 20% of the effort) to the cybersecurity practices of small and medium organizations in Canada.

How will this help my organization?

Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting SMEs causing devastating financial losses and liabilities. The CyberSecure Canada program is targeted at Canadian SMEs (maximum of 499 employees), but all organizations in Canada (including not-for-profit and for-profit organizations) are eligible to apply for certification. It provides a condensed set of advice and guidance to help Canadian SMEs maximize the effectiveness of their cybersecurity investments.

It also helps build trust in today’s digital world. Once certified, the CyberSecure Canada certification mark can be displayed to give official federal government recognition that compliance with the baseline security controls has been achieved. This shows customers, partners, investors, and suppliers that you meet the standard’s requirements, and therefore provides an assurance that fundamental cyber risk management steps have been taken to safeguard information and systems.

How we help

Our consultants will guide through the process by recommending and implementing the thirteen baseline security controls including:

  • Develop an incident response plan
  • Automatically patch OS and applications
  • Applying security software
  • Securely configure devices
  • Creating/Managing strong user authentication
  • Providing employee awareness training
  • Backup and encrypt data
  • Secure mobility
  • Establish basic perimeter defences
  • Securing cloud and outsourced IT services
  • Securing websites
  • Implement access control & authorization
  • Securing portable media

Why Rhyno?

Working as an extension of your team, Rhyno delivers advanced solutions for Managed Detection and Response and security assessment. By leveraging our understanding of the tactics attackers use to breach defenses, in-depth knowledge of the latest security tools, and a commitment to innovation, we ensure our clients are armed to continuously prevent, detect and respond to cyber threats.

Adversarial mindset

We harness the latest cyber offensive intelligence to help identify and address security risks sooner.


We work closely with our clients to better understand and address their needs.

High-quality service

We strive to continually deliver the highest standards of customer support and exceed expectations.


We’re not constrained by one set of technologies so select the best tools for each client.

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