Ethical Hacking Services

RhynoEHS delivers the tools and expertise you need to maximize your assessment capabilities and secure your investments.

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RhynoEHS helps you discover and report vulnerabilities in websites, servers, and network infrastructure. We deliver powerful solutions and tightly integrated ethical hacking and pen-testing services that simplify the security assessment process and produce valuable results.

Penetration Testing

Our skilled penetration testers seek to exploit weaknesses in software and web applications in the same way that cybercriminals do. RhynoEHS delivers a web pen-testing service that is faster and more cost-efficient than others.

  • Highly trained, certified team
  • Guaranteed findings
  • NIST, OSSTMM, OWASP, PTES Methodologies
  • Comprehensive reports with actionable items
  • Detailed Proof of Concepts
  • No business interruption

Network Audits

We help you map and discover outdated network services, missing security patches, badly configured servers, check firewall rules, exposed ports and verify if your services are reachable from the Internet.

  • Network Vulnerability Assessment
  • SSL/TLS Vulnerability Audit
  • TCP/UDP Port Audit
  • Password Audit
  • Subdomain Takeover Audit
  • DNS Zone Transfer Audit

Website Audits

We conduct comprehensive OWASP-based web application scans including fingerprinting, detection of SQL Injection, XSS, Local File Inclusion, OS Command Injection, sensitive files. We check for +3,000 vulnerabilities.

  • Website Security Assessment
  • WordPress, Drupal, Joomla Scans
  • SharePoint Vulnerability Scans
  • SQL Injection Assessment
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Assessment
  • URL Fuzzing

Custom Exploits

We create credible Proof-of-Concepts and demonstrate the risk of vulnerabilities in web applications. Once all parameters are found and tested, we demostrate how we are able to attack vectors or extract information.

  • SQL Exploits
  • XSS Exploits
  • HTTP Request Logging

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